CQB Force on Force (CFF)


CQB – Force on Force (CFF)

CFF was designed to create a shooter who attains the confidence of defending their family & home with the knowledge of multiple methods of home defense tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). The precise application of securing a room with lethal force will be demonstrated using a handgun. This course will cover clearing rooms, hallways & the use of angles to eliminate your threat. Students will be educated and challenged, leaving with the understanding of multiple methods of Home Defense TTPs and which techniques are best suited for problems they may encounter.



KIT (gear selection and placement)

Fundamentals of Close Quarters TTPs

Target transitions

IADs (immediate action drills – malfunctions)

Movement Drills



Students provide their own ammo: 300rds  minimum.

Weapon System: serviceable and practical handgun

Cleaning kit

2+ serviceable magazines

Eye pro / Ear pro

Gun belt or chest rig (to support equipment)

Weapons lube


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