Beyond Concealed Carry



The Beyond Concealed Carry course is for those who have their Concealed Carry License and or someone slightly more advanced than a beginner but had never had any formal training outside of a CCW course.  Students will begin with the basics of handgun safety & marksmanship and quickly progress into dynamic movement and defensive scenarios.  Topics include but are not limited to shooting from cover, shooting on the move, strong & weak handed shooting and drawing from the holster. Our defensive scenarios will teach you how to draw your handgun and eliminate your threat in situations such as, walking to your car at night, drawing from a purse or bag, home intrusions & more. 



  • Equipment selection and placement
  • Fundamentals
  • Shooting positions
  • IADs (immediate action drills – malfunctions)
  • Shooting from barricades
  • Movement Drills



Students provide their own ammo: 300rds  minimum.

Weapon System: serviceable and practical handgun

  • Concealable holster
  • 2+ serviceable magazines
  • mag holder
  • Eye pro / Ear pro
  • Gun belt (to support equipment)
  • Cleaning kit
  • Weapons lube
  • Water
  • Cover garment- (shirt, vest or jacket) We draw from concealment in this course
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