BAT DEFENSE is dedicated to providing the highest level of security & training across the operational spectrum.

BAT Defense is owned & operated by former US Special Operations professionals. Our instructors/security personnel have planned & conducted several hundred counter terrorist missions & specialize in the training of Special Operations Forces & Law Enforcement. Due to the operational experience & training that our instructors/security personnel attained, BAT Defense is an ELITE Training & Security Force.


BAT Defense offers BASIC, ADVANCED & TACTICAL training levels for the civilian community.

BASIC courses are designed for 1st time shooters up to anyone that wants quality refresher training on the fundamentals of marksmanship.

ADVANCED courses are designed to take students to the next level of and build on the basic fundamentals of firearms handling.

TACTICAL courses will take ADVANCED students & raise them to a TACTICAL mindset of confidently defending home & family. 

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BAT Defense MIL/LEO Training Programs enhance Military & Law Enforcement agencies ability to bring speed, surprise & violence of action to the fight with mission success. 

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Global terrorism & workplace violence have dictated companies and institutions to examine & scrutinize their security measures. BAT Defense brings innovation to the security consulting field by employing senior ex US Special Operations professionals. These PROFESSIONALS have planned and conducted several hundred counter terrorism missions with a proven risk mitigation methodology. This same method is applied to aid our clients in the development of effective security measures.

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